Smyth County Republican Party

Contribution by Mail

Please complete, print, and mail this form to the address indicated below along with your contribution.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Smyth County Republican Party!
 Campaigns and political activities are indeed very expensive.  All money you donate to the Smyth County Republican Party will stay in Smyth County and be used to advance our local party activities.  You can be a part of our mission to change Smyth County for the better.

We will use your generous contribution to fund the following activities:

  • keeping this web site online, technology initiatives, voter identification efforts, mailings, printing of handouts and fliers, banners, signs, and stickers, parade and event decorations, media announcements

All contributions of any amount, small or great, are greatly appreciated!

YES!  I will want to help the Republican Party in Smyth County win here and work to better the future of Smyth County.  Here is my contribution of:
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Contributions to the Smyth County Republican Party are governed by the election laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
  • Contributions are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE for federal income tax purposes.
  • Contributions will be deposited in a non-federal account.
  • Contributions of any amount from both individual and corporate accounts are acceptable under Virginia law.
  • Virginia law requires full disclosure of political contributions, so we must collect the following:  full legal name, address, occupation, employer, location of employer.
  • Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.

Please make sure you understand and are in full compliance with the above applicable laws and regulations before making your contribution.  The Smyth County Republican Party will not knowingly accept any contributions that are in violation of any law.  Any contributions received contrary to applicable law will be promptly returned.  The Smyth County Republican Party intends to be in full compliance with all applicable laws.

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Mail Form To:
Adam Tolbert, Chairman
Smyth County Republican Committee
776 Allison Gap Road
Saltville, VA  24370
Phone:  (276) 496-5246