The Smyth County Republican Canvass, scheduled for Saturday, May 30, has been CANCELLED. 
In accordance with the adopted and published Call for the Canvass, the Canvass is cancelled since there are no contested races for offices to be nominated by the Canvass.
As of the filing deadline of 5:00pm on May 15, the following offices received filings:
  • Sheriff:  1 Candidate Filed
  • Board of Supervisors, Atkins District: 1 Candidate Filed
  • Board of Supervisors, North Fork District:  1 Candidate Filed
The names of the nominees for these 3 offices will be officially released upon final examination of candidate filings and a determination that the candidates are qualified.
Pursuant to the authority granted by the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and applicable law, the Smyth County Republican Committee reserves the right to make further nominations for the offices where no candidate pre-filed for the Canvass.  These offices are:  Circuit Court Clerk, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, Board of Supervisors (Park District), and Board of Supervisors (Rye Valley District).  Nominations for these offices can be made up until 7:00pm on June 9th if a qualified candidate expresses interest and is approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Smyth County Republican Committee.
The Smyth County Republican Committee will meet for its next scheduled regular meeting on Tuesday, May 26th (date changed due to Memorial Day Holiday) at 7:00pm at the General Francis Marion Hotel, 107 E. Main Street, in Marion.