Notice of Canvass Candidate Filings


The Smyth County Republican Canvass, scheduled for Saturday, June 10, 2017, will be held due to a contested nomination.

As of the filing deadline of 5:00pm on June 2, the following offices received proper filings:

Board of Supervisors, Royal Oak District: 2 Candidates Filed
Bradley Allen Powers
Judy Overbay Wyant

These filings have been examined and the candidates have been determined to be qualified to seek the nomination.

The Canvass will take place at Chilhowie High School on Saturday, June 10 from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Any person in line at 4:00pm will be permitted to offer to vote.  Only registered voters of the Royal Oak election district may vote.

A party canvass is like a primary election, except it is run by the Republican Party at an established central polling place.  During the hours the canvass is being held, those who appear with proper photo ID, sign the pledge to support Republican candidates, and are found to be properly registered voters are given a paper ballot to vote and deposit into a ballot box.  The voter will then leave after casting their ballot.  At the end of the canvass, the ballot box is opened and the results are tallied on site.  The person with the most votes for a particular office is the party’s nominee.

Pursuant to the authority granted by the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and applicable law, the Smyth County Republican Committee reserves the right to make further nominations for the offices where no candidate properly pre-filed for the Canvass.  These offices are:  Board of Supervisors (Chilhowie District) and Board of Supervisors (Saltville District).  Nominations for these offices can be made up until the state filing deadline of 7:00pm on June 13 if a qualified candidate expresses interest and is approved by the Smyth County Republican Committee.