2015 Nomination Process for Local Offices Adopted

At the March 23, 2015 Smyth County Republican Committee meeting, a party canvass call was adopted to nominate Republican candidates for local offices in Smyth County for the November 2015 General Election.

It should be noted that a party canvass process is a first for the Smyth County Republican Party in nominating candidates for local offices.  A party canvass is like a primary election, except it is run by the Republican Party at an established central polling place.  During the hours the canvass is being held, those who appear with proper photo ID, sign the pledge to support Republican candidates, and are found to be properly registered voters are given a paper ballot to vote and deposit into a ballot box.  The voter will then leave after casting their ballot.  At the end of the canvass, the ballot box is opened and the results are tallied on site.  The person with the most votes for a particular office is the party’s nominee.  Also, each candidate will be permitted to appoint observers to witness the canvass while it is in progress and during the vote counting.

The pre-filing deadline is May 15 by 5:00pm for any interested candidates seeking the Republican nomination.  The canvass will be held, if necessary, on Saturday, May 30 from 10am-6pm at the General Francis Marion Hotel.  On May 15 a notice will be issued if all or parts of the canvass will be canceled based on candidate filings received.

Only the names of those persons who have pre-filed and are determined to be qualified will be printed on the ballots used at the party canvass. No write-in votes will be counted. If only one candidate properly files and is found to be qualified for an individual office to be nominated by the party canvass, then such candidate shall be declared the Republican nominee and that particular office will not be on the ballot at the party canvass. If only one candidate properly files and is found to be qualified for each office to be nominated by the party canvass, then such candidates shall be declared the Republican nominees and no party canvass will be held.

>>>Download Party Canvass Call (PDF Format)

>>>Download Candidate Filing Form (PDF Format)

2015 Republican Nomination Process

Any person interested in seeking the nomination of the Smyth County Republican Party to run as the Republican candidate for…

  • Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Sheriff
  • Treasurer
  • Commissioner of the Revenue
  • Board of Supervisors (North Fork, Park, Atkins, or Rye Valley districts)

in the November 3, 2015 General Election should contact Adam Tolbert, Chairman of the Smyth County Republican Committee.

Phone:  276-496-5246  Email:  chairman@smythgop.org

2015 nomination process details will be adopted at the 2/23/15 meeting of the Smyth County Republican Committee.


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