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The Smyth County Republican Committee makes no warranties, expressed or implied, about the data or contents of this web site.  While every effort certainly is made to ensure the accurateness and correctness of the data/content contained herein; errors, omissions, and oversights may occur.  We invite you to contact our webmaster if you believe information to be in error on this web site.  This site should not be considered an official "government" source for information.  This web site is the official web site of the Smyth County Republican Committee and its existence was paid for and authorized by the party.   
Privacy Policy
This web site and all pages under the domain "smythgop.org" collect no personally identifiable information.  Our web server may record such things as your browser type, operating system, Internet-Protocol (IP) address, and what resources you access at this web site.  This is for server maintenance and security purposes only and the data is not used to any extent beyond those purposes.
  • Web Comment Forms:  Any of the data collected by a web site comment form on this web site (as found on the Contact Us page) is submitted on a voluntary basis by the user.  It is not mandatory that a user complete any of these forms.  We provide these forms as a convenience for users to communicate with the party.  Any of the information you choose to provide will not be shared with any outside sources unless that use is explicitly authorized.
Terms & Conditions
  • The Smyth County Republican Committee provides this web site as a service to any parties which may be interested in our activities and the electoral process.  Your continued usage of this web site constitutes your acceptance of all policies outlined in this document.
  • Information provided on this web site is for interested parties who may have a need for such information.
  • Information about elected officials was obtained from various electronic public information services.
  • External Linking Policy:  This web site provides links throughout to the web sites of various governmental entities, individuals, and organizations.  These are provided as a service to viewers so that they may obtain additional information if they so desire.  The Smyth County Republican Party makes no assertion about the content of these external web sites and has no control over information outside of the domain "smythgop.org".  All external links will open in a full/new browser window.  The Smyth County Republican Party receives no compensation for any external hyperlinks whatsoever.   
Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Error Reports
If you have a question, would like to make a comment or suggestion, or would like to report a suspected error; we invite you to contact our webmaster via E-Mail.  webmaster@smythgop.org


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